Financial Advisor | Roselyn WIlkinson Empowers Women

As a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER®, Roselyn Wilkinson brings her message of  helping women  to  feel empowered financially to diverse audiences through her speaking, writing and personal consulting.  Well respected and visible in her industry, Roselyn has presented a variety of keynotes, workshops, break-out  sessions, training and online teleseminars to help women compre­hend and effectively handle their  financial  lives with confidence and ease.

Roselyn is also a passionate advocate for women through her volunteer work on the board of  the Women & Girls Foundation of Pittsburgh and other profession­al women's organizations.  Through her talks, Roselyn brings her 25-plus years of expertise and experience to inspire and motivate women to reign supreme over their checkbooks and their financial queendom.

Let's spread the message of Fairy Tale vs. Financial Reality together!